Between Us

Between Us


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How Many Ways  Lyrics »

Rubbernecker  Lyrics »

Mademoiselle  Lyrics »

Sorry, I Love You  Lyrics »

Countryman  Lyrics »

It's So Hard Singing the Blues  Lyrics »

Good Old Days  Lyrics »

Lady I Could Serve You Well  Lyrics »

Bye, Bye, Bye  Lyrics »

"The demos for the songs on this album were conceived and recorded in a cupboard under the stairs at home, because we needed a spare-room (ex-studio) for the arrival of our second daughter Sophie (conceived around the same time but fortunately elsewhere). Just as she was the result of a combined effort, so was the recording of the album, shared between a group of friendly musicians - hence the title 'Between Us'. How anyone can refer to their 'Solo' album beats me!"


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